In 1999, Freshslice Pizza launched its inaugural franchise, established by the visionary Ray Russell in Vancouver. As a wholly Canadian owned and managed franchise network, we have extended our presence throughout the nation. Today, Freshslice boasts a presence in over 100 locations across Canada, with continued growth and expansion in the US. We persistently scout prime locations and eagerly invite YOU to JOIN US.
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“My wife and I took over an existing store and were immediately able to see results. We were able to DOUBLE the sales of the previous management within the first year! I came from the hospitality industry so I think my customer service background really helped. Within 14 months we were able to afford a second location. Freshslice has an excellent system in place for reducing overall operating costs and provides great brand recognition and support.”

– Rashpal S.

Owner of the restaurant at Multi-units Franchisee, Vancouver BC

“I came here with 20 years of experience in the food service industry. When I first purchased my restaurant, the sales were averaging $800 per day, but with the help of my great team, we have tripled that to almost $2400 per day! We have recently relocated to an even better location. I am so proud of my team and am looking forward to many more successful years as a franchise owner!””

– Debbie R.

Owner of the restaurant at Single-unit Franchisee, Vancouver BC

“FRESHSLICE is the best financial investment I’ve ever made.”

– Bobby D.

Owner of the restaurant at Multi-units Franchisee, Surrey BC

“FRESHSLICE doesn’t take any percentage for royalties! As a franchisee, I appreciated that! It’s the people that make the brand- and I like them a lot! They are approachable; it’s not everyday where you can literally go to head office and just talk to them. That’s important to me.”

– Corey S.

Owner of the restaurant at Single-unit Franchisee, Richmond BC


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