Frequently Asked Questions

Our franchise fee is $25,000.

  1. If you pass the screening phone call, you will be invited to our office for a 2-hour interview. Depending on your province/location you will be invited for a video call.
  2. Succeeding in the initial interview leads to a second interview.
  3. If you pass your second interview, you will be briefed on the official steps to begin the process of acquiring the best franchise to buy – either taking over an existing location or launching a new Freshslice Pizza restaurant.

Normally, it will take 2-6 months to take over an existing Freshslice Pizza restaurant or build a new one.

There is no industry experience required for becoming a franchise partner. We are looking for people who are driven entrepreneurs that focus on quality and service. Having managed a team, worked in a restaurant, or have run a small business is beneficial but not mandatory.

Yes, owners of other franchises can most certainly qualify for a Freshslice Pizza franchise – as long as they understand the restrictions (if any) of their current contract with the franchisor. Experienced franchisees are warmly welcomed to join Freshslice Pizza and explore opportunities in the best franchise to buy.

The total investment for a Freshslice restaurant ranges from $180,000 to $450,000.

If you have an existing site, our team will only need to renovate it, and bring in our equipment and branding materials. If you would like to open a new restaurant entirely, the investment will be on the higher end due to construction costs, however it is still about half the cost compared to our competitors. Our team is with you every step of the way which is why we are renowned for being the best franchise to buy!

As a Franchisee, you need $120,000 in liquid cash.

You will receive a turn-key restaurant that will include:

  • Support in identifying and approval of a location
  • In-house project Supervision and design
  • All required equipment and inventory
  • Advice and assistance in the hiring of required staff
  • Support with purchasing and distribution assistance
  • Quality control check-ups
  • Regional district managers
  • Free marketing and advertising services
  • Grand opening

You can expect support in all areas of your business. This includes:

  1. Purchasing Power
  2. Quality Control
  3. On-going Training
  4. Operations Systems
  5. Financial Management Systems
  6. New Product Development
  7. Customer Service Training
  8. Support from a full time Business Coach, Project Manager & Marketing team

If our Real Estate team has a location available, then yes we will provide a pre-approved site for you if you pass the application process. However, if we do not have a location available, we will support you in identifying a good location based on our required parameters. We use a best-in-class site submittal software that was developed with 1000 hours of input and refinement, plus support from a dedicated leasing manager.

Your total training from start to end will consist of 4 weeks. This consists of 2 weeks of training prior to the restaurant opening and then two weeks post opening. First, you start with an On The Job Evaluation (O.J.E.) which consists of a 3 days evaluation & training period. Your O.J.E. will be a great starting point for us to not only gain a better understanding of your current knowledge and learning speed, but also for you to get a better understanding of us as a brand and future partners. After you have completed your O.J.E., you will be scheduled for your management training in Vancouver, which takes 2 weeks. From there you will receive ongoing support from business coaches and the head office team, ensuring you’re fully equipped to manage the best franchise to buy.

Yes, we have partnered with a few banks to help you build your dream for a joint venture or a full franchise. But we also have in-house financing for Joint Ventures if the banks will not finance your proposal.

You will purchase all of these from Freshslice and other authorized suppliers.

Freshslice has designed a comprehensive grand opening program that will give your business a tremendous kick-start. We supply ten free marketing items that you can use to execute your launch plan. All you have to do is pay for the cost of distribution. This helps us achieve our 2000% productivity on marketing items. We are here to help support your opening plan, so you can concentrate on training and customer service. The investment required for your grand opening program is approximately $5,000. You can find the marketing resources here.

Since our initial investment is so low, the return on your investment can be exceptionally high. The amount of profit you make is largely based upon a strong operator and your ability to closely follow our business system and be passionate about the Freshslice system. Upon signing the Confidential Qualification Report, we will give you a detailed list of franchisees you can visit to discuss their business details. In the meantime, you can read some testimonials from some current partners. Explore the potential of owning the best franchise to buy with us here.

Yes, you can. If we have an existing location for sale, we will provide you the details about the location and will support you in purchasing it.

Fill out the Inquiry Form and one of our franchise experts will contact you within 2 business days to answer any more questions you may have.

Freshslice has revolutionized the franchise industry through it’s very unique 1000% productivity in dough manufacturing.

With 0% Royalties and 0% Ad Fees and 0% Mark Up on ingredients make Freshslice a franchise favorite in being the best franchise to buy.

View our ‘Why’ page to learn more about our business model here.

Freshslice Pizza stands out as the best franchise to buy in the pizza industry due to its commitment to quality ingredients, innovative menu offerings, robust training and support programs, and proven track record of success in the competitive restaurant market.

Freshslice Pizza offers comprehensive assistance to franchisees in identifying and securing the best location to buy for their franchise, leveraging market research, demographic analysis, and real estate expertise to ensure optimal site selection and long-term success.

Freshslice Pizza provides various financing options and support programs to help aspiring entrepreneurs invest in the best franchise to buy, including franchisor financing, partnership opportunities, and guidance on securing traditional or SBA loans tailored to their financial needs.

Freshslice Pizza prioritizes franchisee success by offering comprehensive training and ongoing support, innovative marketing strategies, access to a network of experienced franchisees, and regular quality control check-ups to maintain the brand’s reputation for excellence.


Discover the path to franchise success! Take a moment to complete the form or give us a call right away to unlock the secrets of becoming a franchisee for the best franchise to buy.